We are Cristina and Simone, a couple of young lovers of nature and animals. Our story is a journey of love and dedication towards creating a unique environment where the beauty and variety of tropical flora blend with the vibrant life of animals.

From an early age, we grew up surrounded by the majesty of nature. Every hike in the woods, every swim in the sea has opened our eyes to the wonder of the natural world. We realized we wanted to do something special, something that fueled our passion for wildlife conservation.

So, we decided to join forces and create a project that mirrored our vision. Our mission is to carefully select tropical plants and rarities from all over the world, to enrich our terrariums and the world around us. We are committed to offering an ideal habitat for plants and animals, recreating the authentic atmosphere of tropical forests.

Every plant we select is chosen with care and attention, through sustainable and responsible approaches. We work with partners and suppliers who share our passion for biodiversity conservation. We want the rare plants we grow to grow and thrive naturally, allowing animals to live in an environment that resembles their natural home.

We are moved by the awareness that the conservation of nature and animals are a collective task, for this reason, we try to involve and sensitize people through our work. We want our project to be a bridge between human beings and the beauty of nature, so that everyone can learn to respect and protect our precious natural heritage.

Welcome to our world, where a passion for nature and animals is combined with a commitment to conservation. We hope that through our project we can inspire and leave a positive footprint on the Earth while protecting and preserving the amazing diversity that surrounds us.