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Vase in Xaxim

Vase in Xaxim

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Xaxim plant pots are primarily made from a natural fiber obtained from a tropical plant known as Dicksonia. These pots are especially popular among plant lovers for several reasons:

1. Porosity: Xaxim is known for its natural porosity, which promotes excellent water drainage. This helps prevent waterlogging and root rot, making them ideal for plants that require good drainage such as orchids, ferns and bromeliads.

2. Aeration: Thanks to its porous structure, Xaxim allows good air circulation around the roots of the plants, helping to maintain a healthy and well-aerated root environment.

3. Moisture Retention: Despite being porous, Xaxim also has the ability to retain a certain amount of moisture, providing plants with a stable, slightly moist rooting environment.

4. Naturalness: Xaxim vases offer a natural and organic appearance that integrates well into many types of environments, both internal and external.

5. Durability: If properly maintained, Xaxim plant pots can last a long time, contributing to the sustainability and ecology of plant cultivation.

Furthermore, they are an excellent choice for the terrarium, since if the air humidity is permanently high, after a few months, the pots will be covered with moss, ferns and other plants.
Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly, each vase has an individual shape.


External diameter: 9cm
Internal diameter: 5cm
Height: 10cm

External diameter : 13 cm
Internal diameter : 8 cm
Height: 12cm

External diameter : 15 cm
Internal diameter : 12 cm
Height: 20cm

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La scelta giusta

Ci occupiamo di selezionare e coltivare rare specie botaniche per terrario e per interni, l'esperienza che maturiamo giorno per giorno con le nostre piante ci stimola ed incentiva per fare e migliorarci sempre più, potendo offrire dei prodotti di alta qualità, ricercati e curati con passione ed amore.

Direttamente a casa

Spedizioni in tutta Europa, gratuite per l'Italia a partire da 60€
Tutti gli imballi vengono preparati con cura ed attenzione, non solo per i prodotti contenuti al loro interno, ma anche in un'ottica più ampia, utilizzando prevalentemente carta riciclata certificata FSC, riducendo così al minimo l'utilizzo di plastica.